The KidsRights Index is the annual global index which ranks how countries adhere to and are equipped to improve children’s rights. The KidsRights Index is an initiative of the KidsRights Foundation, in cooperation with Erasmus University Rotterdam: Erasmus School of Economics and the International Institute of Social Studies. It comprises a ranking for all UN member states that have ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and for which sufficient data is available, a total of 181 countries. 

The KidsRights Index has been developed to stimulate public opinion and public debate concerning the adhering of children’s rights. It is a tool for governments, civil society and other stakeholders for taking action to improve children’s rights. We aim to provide more insight into the detailed reports of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child and make them more understandable, so as to encourage dialogue about children’s rights. 

There is still a considerable gap between children’s rights policies made at national and international level and the local day-to-day realities of children and youths worldwide. The index provides crucial insights into what is being done and where countries need to do better to fully implement the Convention of the Rights of the Child. 


The KidsRights Foundation took the initiative to develop an index that takes a scientific approach to charting the status of the implementation of children’s rights worldwide. The Erasmus School of Economics and the International Institute of Social Studies at Erasmus University Rotterdam were approached to help create...

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The KidsRights Index is developed by the KidsRights Foundation and Erasmus University Rotterdam; Erasmus School of Economics and International Institute of Social Studies, each with its own, valuable expertise: the Institute of Social Studies contributes with respect to the social sciences, the Erasmus School of Economics contributes with respect to economics and mathematical sciences and the KidsRights Foundation contributes towards the social relevance.

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Marc Dullaert – Founder of the KidsRights Foundation

"It was KidsRights’ great wish to develop an overall index which would monitor the world’s progress on adhering to the fulfillment of children’s rights. With the KidsRights Index we have a great tool in hand."

Philip Hans Franses – Dean Erasmus School of Economics, Professor of Applied Econometrics and Professor of Marketing Research at Erasmus School of Economics

"Scientific progress is driving the world, and the KidsRights Index is a systematic approach to mobilising science to enhance the well-being of children."

Karin Arts – Professor of International Law and Development at Institute for Social Studies

"The realisation of children's rights still requires extensive action across the world, in both developed and developing countries. Such action should be based on sound information about problems, gaps and achievements. The KidsRights Index, building on existing data from UNICEF and the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, seeks to provide such a base."